Les Plaisirs range
Le Coquin, Domaine La Louvière, IPG Pays d'Oc Merlot

The name translates as "the naughty one". With its fruitiness, hints of strawberries, plums and spicy anecdotes, this wine offers itself for a light and easy affair. But beware, appearances can be deceptive, his full-bodied rounded flavour promises a lot more than just a fling.


Variety Merlot
Harvest 2018
Serving temperature 18 - 20°C (64 - 68°F)
Maturing Stainless steel tanks
Enjoyment: Pizza, Pasta, grilled lamb or to simply share with friends

Analytical Profile

Alcohol: 13% vol.
Sugar 2.1 g/l
Acidity 2.96 g/l


  • Gold medal: Concours Général Agricole 2014
  • Gold medal: Gilbert & Gaillard 2012 guide
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